The Shoulder Pain Relief and Injury Prevention Program is a general program for archers who want to:

- Relieve mild pain in any area of the shoulders

- Heal mild shoulder irritations/tightness, and prevent them from returning

- Improve draw mechanics, back tension, and shooting position

- Improve shoulder function: flexibility, stability, movement, and control

We have methodically designed this archery-specific shoulder correction program that improves the function, movement, and protection of the shoulders. Using specific corrective exercises, this program fixes compensations that cause irritation, relieves tightness, and heals tissues.

- 1 month program

- 15 minutes of work per day

- Easy to follow workouts with full video demonstrations and explanations

- Bands and dumbbells required

- Can be added to a normal workout routine

***If you have persistent shoulder pain or consistent shoulder issues, we recommend doing a Shoulder Assessment + 4 Weeks of Personalized Corrective Exercises (found back on our training page)

Shoulder Pain Relief and Injury Prevention


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